‘Floored’ Over Printed Tile


Floored Over Printed Tile

Let’s talk about tile!

We are blown away by these incredibly vibrant and dynamic designs. By incorporating tile as a design element, any room can be transformed into a spunky, unique space.  As tile takes on a personality of its own, it can dramatically define the look and feel of a room. Each of these samples are giving us a tiny taste of the nature of the space. As you can see, some of these printed tiles make for a dramatic entrance, others make for a neat social area. No matter the vision, we are so inspired by the many ways it can be done. Colorful zig-zags, checkers, and stripes…Intricate spirals, patterns and borders…           So much to see, so much to love! To see more ways in which we are inspired by tile head over to out Pinterest page!

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