The Best of BD West


Last week I had the opportunity to attend BD West, Boutique Design Magazine’s west coast trade fair, held this year in Los Angeles.

I was honored this year to be chosen as one of the Boutique 18, a selection of the top 18 emerging designers (out of 200 applicants) from across the world.  Being selected as a part of the 2016 Boutique 18 was a milestone in my career and a definite bucket list item checked off the list.

I was thrilled when I found out I’d be able to travel all the way from the UK to attend this  years show and be present to receive my award.


BD West is a hotbed of design inspiration, from the newest collections being unveiled to the amazing insight you can find at the speaker sessions, each day was filled with new ideas.

 Meeting and getting to know my fellow B18 recipients taught me to look for inspiration in places I normally wouldn’t think of and hearing their responses to questions posed to the group was eye-opening.



Being a part of the 2016 Boutique 18 brought 17 incredible designers from all over the world that I will surely call friends and colleagues for life and allowed me to learn tons about the industry I love so much.

This years Boutique 18 honorees came from many different parts of the world, with designers who are currently working in Singapore, the Middle East and the UK. They taught me that inspiration is everywhere, and that people find inspiration and translate that inspiration into spaces in wildly different ways.

Above all, being named one of Boutique Design’s Boutique 18 is an honor I will always cherish!


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