Associate Principal

Alison B. Schulze

Alison Schulze, Associate Principal at Studio 11 Design, has always been a natural creative. From a young age Alison has been painting and sketching the world around her and wanted to turn her passion into a career. For Alison, it took enrolling in a Graphic Design program to realize that she wanted to put her focus on interiors. “I love that Interior Design is art with rules. I have always enjoyed programming and space planning, trying to put that puzzle together in order to meet the program requirements in a creative and functional way.”

Alison’s love for architecture was also formed at a young age due to extended family being split between the east and west coasts, which resulted in frequent travel. On a particular trip to New York, Alison realized she wanted to contribute to the built environment. Since then, Alison has cultivated a career as a Senior Interior Designer for one of the world’s premiere hospitality firms and has spearheaded 4-5-star projects in both the US and internationally, notably; China, Bahamas, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Alison works closely with the operator to provide a full-service design of custom interiors. She believes that no matter the style, interiors should always have a sense of place. She takes inspiration from local materials, cultures, and landscapes and strives to use local artists whenever possible to reinforce the concept. Alison has worked closely with many of the world’s notable brands; including Montage, Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and many others. Some of her most notable projects are the Conrad Hotel in Macau, China, the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Vail, Colorado and the Millennium Hotel in Hayel City, Saudi Arabia.