Principal & Partner

Eric D. Ullmann

International designer, Eric Ullmann, brings a unique perspective to every project. He is motivated by passion, an architecturally trained lens, a global mindset, and a keen sense of style. With a portfolio of various types of projects in over 18 countries, Eric has forged long-standing relationships with brands and developers who trust his exceptional eye for design and business acumen. His simple philosophy of being “storytellers of space” instills precedents and sets trends in hospitality, luxury residential, and food & beverage industries.
Eric has been influencing the industry throughout his career. His passion to discover food and culture during his travels has sparked a keen understanding of the culinary world.

Eric leads a food and beverage specialist team that has been creating compelling experiences and robust operations around the world. His expert reputation is further underlined by being in the Top 100 Design Giants of Hospitality Design for the past 15 years consecutively. On a voyage of global discovery, he seeks out travel secrets, bespoke artisans, and hidden gems, with the quest to find the magic that ignites destinations. In doing so, the remarkable and rare inspires the detailed parts of Eric’s masterful work.