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Inviting the Persona of Scottsdale Indoors

Cradled in the heart of Scottsdale, The Canopy Scottsdale Hotel is thoughtfully designed while taking direction from the curated fine arts and artisan community surrounding it. The palette focuses on plucking notes from the area, working with native dramatic natural features. Local stone, tile, wood, plaster, copper mining and glass work together to promote a sense of modern elegance and intimacy while paying homage to the essential natural elements distinctive to the city.

This Lifestyle Hotel invites the persona of Scottsdale indoors by intricately combining the stunning craftmanship of local creative talent and a scheme of rich crimsons and deep golds pulled straight from the sundrenched Vistas of Arizona.

The hotel’s interiors take their cue from the surrounding area by featuring curated artworks by local artists, which sit alongside a contemporary design that stays true to the Canopy brand.

Lauren Ho, Top Hotel News, The much-awaited Canopy by Hilton Old Town Scottsdale opens its doors, 2020