Featured Project

Digital Drifter

Surrounded by a cityscape that blends intricate Spanish patterns with innovative, contemporary forms, San Jose is a fusion of new and old that has adapted to the hustle of a tech-focused social climate. The designers were challenged to transform the hotel’s lobby, bringing the spirit of innovation and high energy of the destination to life. As a reflection of the local landscape, a neutral palette sets the foundation for pops of bold color, while subtle hints of tradition merge with the clean, tech-influenced scheme. Styling, sourcing, and art curating verticals were heavily inspired by the property’s cultural environment. 

The property is unique particularly to the art and design community as it’s emblematic of what can be created when artists choose to work with new technologies. The project is a symbol of how design firms and artists everywhere can take cues from the tech scene and why it matters. So often, there is a dichotomy between artists and the business world. The property is symbolic of what can be created when the two forces are combined and why this is the wave of the future.