Featured Project

Cheeky Texas Twists

Jaxon, situated in Dallas’ emerging Discovery District, features a plethora of design touches that speak to the integrity of the destination. Strikingly authentic and honest, Jaxon pays homage to its Texas roots by featuring oversized terrariums filled with cacti and a branded wood wall at the door with locally-found cattle brands sourced from Texas ranches. A mix of metals and an exposed ceiling painted dark charcoal pulls notes from the industrious roots of the location and materials found on a Texas ranch. Inviting visitors and locals seeking a warm and welcoming indoor/outdoor experience with a few cheeky Texas twists, Jaxon brings the need for enjoyable, trendy, and relaxing moments.

“The design touches and materials used are reclaimed from unusual sources throughout the state. It was important to us that we develop a narrative that would feel approachable, true to a culture that is very uniquely ours. A standout moment is an artwork concept in the dining room area, created with bricks sourced throughout Texas. The installation grounds the space in a sense of statehood.”

Kellie Sirna, Co-Founder & Principal, Studio 11 Design