Featured Project

A Fusion of New and Old

Surrounded by a cityscape that blends intricate Spanish patterns with innovative, contemporary forms, San Jose is a fusion of new and old that has adapted to the hustle of a tech-focused social climate. The designers were challenged to transform the hotel’s lobby, bringing the spirit of innovation and high energy of the destination to life. As a reflection of the local landscape, a neutral palette sets the foundation for pops of bold color, while subtle hints of tradition merge with the clean, tech-influenced scheme. A mix of hard materials and soft textures with unexpected moments of light and shadow layered in provide a fresh perspective and evoke a sense of movement, creating spaces that invite guests to wander and explore. Lou Verne was heavily inspired by the property’s cultural environment. Screening elements and custom wall finishes navigate an immersive twist on the destination’s tech culture for guests and locals, while the lobby bar serves as a new F&B outlet for the hotel. Looking to cater to the property’s diverse clientele, the design team provided a mix of dining, lounge, and private or communal work zones that could accommodate a variety of travelers.

We weaved a narrative that blends the complexities and edge of innovative technology elements with the beauty and heritage of the destination. Bringing the destination to life through the thoughtful adaptation and placement of these different elements was very exciting.

Stacy Elliston, Co-Founder & Principal, Studio 11 Design