Featured Project

Unique and Unexpected

Studio 11 Design developed the interior of Super Chix using a playful, modern flair, in which the restaurant wishes to remain. The focal point of the trendy space is the large hand drawn mural featuring illustrated words and sayings, customized by the talented designers and created and installed by local artists. Studio 11 Design’s creative use of material, design and presentation has been blended to create a unique and unexpected, kid-friendly adult restaurant experience for every customer.
Studio 11 Design also developed the Super Chix brand by starting with the interiors. From there, the menu boards, wayfinding, take-away menus, interior and exterior signage for the restaurant were created. The restaurant is based on the concept of high-quality family dining, with an atmosphere that is fun for people of all ages and the branding followed the same idea. The color pallet is defined by the edited use of yellow, black and white.

Ouimet and the team at Dallas-based Studio 11 Design have created a space that fills what they see as a gap in the fast-casual marketplace.

Toby Weber, Restaurant Development & Design, Super Chix Looking to Expand Fast Casual, 2016